We take special pride to our hard copy publications which are luxury pocket size Tourist Guides addressing the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete separately, as well as, guides to the Gastronomy and the Shopping & Nightlife of the abovementioned islands.
The printed guides offer handpicked information to visitors who wish to engage to quality selections during their vacations and they specifically highlight substantial information concerning accommodation, destinations, special locations, restaurants and nightlife, beaches, cultural information, activities, and experiences.


welcome kits

"First impression can work wonders". J.K. Rowling.
What do you offer to your guests upon their arrival? Enrich the role of your Concierge / Guest relations – receptionist with an elegant welcome gift!
We are creating Welcome Kits, designed to cater for the information needs your guests have and customized to you hotel’s profile. Tourist guides that include a full presentation of your hotel, facilities and services, maps, card postal and any other type of material you may wish to include, will be a pleasant surprise your visitors and a valuable tool during their stay.



For the promotion of our publications, we have successfully set up our network of Info Stands which is eternally enriched and is divided into two distinctive and significant categories.
1. Info stands placed at the Reception area of luxury hotels across Crete and Santorini, which aim at guiding the hotel guests to the most interesting sites of their selected destination and important information of where to eat, have fun and shop. 2. Info stands placed within handpicked restaurants and commercial shops offering top quality services across Crete and Santorini and which aim at informing the tourists about the best of gastronomy and the best of shopping respectively.


mobile applications


In wishing to keep up to pace with customer needs, in the demanding sector of tourism, the launch of a concise tourist guide about Crete was achieved, which constituted the first step for Olympian Pantheon in penetrating the mobile applications field. And what a step it was!
We are proud that our Best Of Crete app is ranked #1 out of 156 results anyone gets when searching in the AppStore using the word “Crete”
Our Best of Crete mobile app is user friendly, interactive, GPS positioned and available on both iOS and android devices .Discover where to stay, eat, shop and have fun in Crete and, of course, what to see through our top rated mobile app.

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mobile applications


Building on the success of our experience with Crete’s application, we are taking a step further to launch our new Best Of Santorini app.
But nothing is the same. With a refreshed interface to align with the Island’s unique setting, we are cooperating with some of the islands best photographers to present all the best Santorini has to offer.
Besides our digital campaigns to boost awareness, our app is recommended by some of the best hotels in the island, boosting even further its download ratios, on a premium and selective audience.

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native applications


Can you own a mobile application, designed to fit your needs, without undertaking the cost, effort and time needed for application development and maintenance?
Yes you can.
Combining subscription based technologies and a custom made interface you can bring your hotel to life through interactive galleries, information regarding your rooms, facilities and all the services you provide. Let your customers use the application’s integrated tourist guide to enjoy the beauties or the area. Use push notification to convey messages to your users or just to wish them happy holidays!


Although the world of the internet and the mobile smartphones has managed to conquer significant grounds in our everyday lives, we at Olympian Pantheon insist that nothing compares to promoting destinations live.
To this end and on an annual basis, we take part in several major Tourist exhibitions in Europe where not only do we have the chance to highlight the beauties of our country, but also to dynamically represent our clients which are luxury hotels and high-end commercial firms.